One of my most favourite songs

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New from E L James!

The Mister


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Great YA fiction from Andrew Lane

Last Boy Standing


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The dice are loaded

The Devil’s Dice


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I love Asmr & tingles

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I am currently listening to…

In the cold dark ground by Stuart McBride

Now here is the thing. Once a few years ago I tried reading books by the talented Mr McBride in print and hated them, yes hated them.  Too much talking, too chatty and too much damn detail!

However a work collegue of mine loves listening to his books in audio and kept telling me how great they were. So I bit the bullet one day and chose this title from one of our libraries. Popped in the CD ..and …

Image result for Wonders will never cease

I LOVE IT!  Seriously love it and want to keep driving for many miles until I get through it. At this stage only two CD’s to go!  The narrator is Steve Worsley and he is excellent. He is a Scottish actor/singer and you can read more about him at Grab this book.  The main character is Logan “Lazarus” McRae who was, in this book, once a Detective Inspector but has now been bounced down to Sargent.  This man has so many troubles going on at once I am surprised he just doesn’t chuck his job in, take the money left to him by deceased gangster Wee Hamish Mowat and do a runner!  How did he get mixed up in all of this – I am sure I don’t know and neither does he.

Insert characters like butch lesbian Roberta Steel and the book just starts to rock and roll. Steel is overtly lesbian and obsessed with porn and other people’s sex lives. She has an abrasive nature and comes out with some of the most unreal sayings and lines. You cannot help but laugh and yet you know she has a heart of gold and a soft spot for McRae despite the fact they banter at each other without mercy.

McRae finds that his boss is actually is half sister, a gangster wants him to take over Wee Hamish Mowats operation and kill the guy who is currently in charge.  The guy in charge wants to kill McRae if he can’t use him to do his dirty work.  Professional Standards are after him to investigate Roberta and on a Friday the 13th McRae has to kill his girlfriend Samantha. No further details from me about that but it’s not what it seems!  Oh and he’s also investigating a murder with difficult suspects, gangland involvement and his superiors breathing down his neck.

All in all this is such a brilliant listen that I cannot wait for the end and to listen to more!

I highly suggest this book in print or audio if you enjoy a damn good mystery, a bit of a thriller and a down to earth laugh.  You also might find you finish listening and talk with a wee bit of an accent.


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3 romance novels that should come with snacks included.

Check them out here

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